19 November 2017 - Giving Thanks

Living in this great country should be reason enough to say ‘Thank you’ every day and to give thanks for the opportunities we have as citizens of the United States.

During the week of Thanksgiving we should spend more time reflecting on the many blessings we share as families. I know I do, so let me compare my list of things for which to be thankful with your list and see how similar our lists might be.

At the top of my list is my wife Gloria who has put up with me for 16 years. It is not easy for her to live with a stubborn Norwegian, but she manages to do it with grace and good humor. She is much more than a great companion, I have given her the title of “health warden” because she has literally saved my life three times in our sixteen years together. This year has been especially challenging because of my leg bypass surgery that kept me out of action for three months and required a great deal of patience, physical therapy and care.

Next on my list of thanks, of course, is family, to be blessed with two children who gave me two grandchildren who treat everyone with respect, behave very well, and are working hard in college to make their chosen careers become a reality.

Then comes good health made possible because we live in an age of technology in so many different areas, especially in agriculture which enables us to produce food for a growing population using less of our natural resources. I am also grateful for technology in medicine as I have experienced it first-hand during this challenging health year for me.

Let me end this discussion of thanks where I started, grateful to be living in America, where we enjoy our many freedoms, thanks to the sacrifice made by so many of our veterans. One of those freedoms is the right to protest which many of our wealthy NFL players do every week by, in my opinion, dishonoring the American Flag and the National Anthem. But it also gives me the opportunity to protest by taking NFL games off my Thanksgiving menu and the rest of the NFL season. I will not be watching.

Finally, I am blessed and thankful to you, my audience, who join me every day on radio, television and in print to allow me to share my thoughts with you on ‘Samuelson Sez'.