31 December 2017

The New Year always brings a list of resolutions by people that may last a week or two, but I have never been successful in keeping them for a full year. I can say the same for my friends and colleagues. So a couple of decades ago I ended the resolution game and instead went to a wish list.

So here are some of the items on my wish list for 2018. Always on the list, of course, peace on earth with leaders of all countries truly concerned about the welfare of their citizens. People who respect the views of other people, and are willing to at least listen to those views; the word ’respect’ is extremely important because respect and common sense are two traits in our makeup that are in decline.

Then, there are the more personal wishes on my list, good health for my family, successful careers for my children and grand-children; and remembering to tell my wife, Gloria ‘I Love You’ and ‘Thank You’ every day for putting up with this stubborn Norwegian. 2017 was a challenging health year for me and without her, I’m not sure I would be here to welcome in the new year of 2018. With her care and guidance, and with the care of the Mayo Doctors, I know those challenges will go away in the New Year.

Now my wish list for U.S. agriculture, sunshine when we want it and rain when we need it, market prices that will cover the cost of production and enough left over to pay for college for the kids, a new pickup or combine, a new refrigerator and enough to cover the cost of health insurance.

I would like to see a farm bill written on time with key ingredients like crop insurance, trade agreements that will allow for fair trade with our trading partners, immigration laws that will allow foreign workers to cross our borders in time to harvest crops when they are mature. I also want to see Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue given the support and latitude to carry out his vision of U.S. agriculture. I like him!

And finally, may farmers and ranchers be successful in their never-ending mission to educate non-farm consumers to understand what it takes to put food on their table, clothes on their back, a roof over their heads and now energy in their tanks.

Happy New Year and that's my wish list for 2018 on Samuelson Sez.