07 January 2018 - Test Your Knowledge of the Dow

No doubt the Dow industrial average has been in the spotlight a great deal for the past couple of days because it broke through the 25,000 level for the first time in history.
Well, that prompted the folks at Associated Press to take a look at the history of the Dow. I certainly didn’t know all there is to know and I wonder if you do. Let me share with you the knowledge of the Dow Jones Industrial Average from Associated Press.
Question #1 - When was the Dow Jones industrial average first published? Answer - May 26, 1896.
Question #2 - What is the lowest recorded closing level for the Dow?
Answer - The lowest point on record for the Dow is 28.48 on August 8, 1896.
Question #3 - Has the Dow always had 30 stocks in it?
Answer - No. The first version of the average contained 12 industrial stocks, including U.S. Rubber, American Sugar and American Cotton Oil.
Question #4 - What is the Dow Jones industrial average named for?
Answer - The average was created by Dow Jones & Co., which was founded by Charles Dow, Edward Jones and Charles Bergstesser. Dow Jones & Co. also founded The Wall Street Journal.
Here is one that really surprised me -
Question #5 - Which company has been in the average from the very beginning?
Answer - General Electric
Then, Question #6 - what was the Dow’s biggest one-day increase, in percentage terms and when did it happen?
Answer - The Dow rose 11.1percent, or 936 points on October 13, 2008.
And Question #7, What was the Dow’s biggest one-day drop in percentage terms and when did it happen?
Answer - The Dow lost 22.6 percent or 508 points, on October 19, 1987. That date came to be known as “Black Monday” in the stock market.
Now you know a lot more about the Dow industrial average, now trading above 25,000.

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