16 February 2018 - Let’s Stop the Slaughter

Most of the people I know are asking the same question - “How many more times do we have to go through the tragic television coverage of young children, high school students being massacred in their school? How many more times are we going to have to go through this before we do something about it?”

Now let me say, I agree with the Constitution that we do have the ‘right to bear arms’, yet I do not go along with the National Rifle Association saying those arms should include automatic assault rifles with magazines that can rapidly fire hundreds of rounds in a short period of time. Additionally, what reason would a teenager need this type of firearm, why should they be able to purchase it ‘legally’, and why are not gun sellers questioning the motives behind such a purchase? The legal age to purchase alcohol is 21 yet 17-year old kids are able to purchase lethal weapons!

When I grew up on a farm in Wisconsin I had a 22 caliber rifle, my dad got it for me when I was in 8th grade. I used it for rabbit and squirrel hunting in the pastures on our farm. That was the extent of my usage of firearms as a youngster, and it was supervised. My experience did not include rapid-fire automatic rifles. Do you really need that kind of a firearm to shoot game, deer or whatever? I, for one, don’t think so.

I will support the National Rifle Association on our ‘right to bear arms’, but they have to follow through, and Congress has to follow through with laws saying those arms will not include rapid-fire rifles or small-repeating firearms. True, you can’t put an end to someone entering an establishment with a small firearm, but you can put an end to mass slaughter by limiting the fire-power.

As for defending the young man who did the latest slaughter because of the tragic loss of his parents. He is not alone in the loss of parents, yet other youth do not go about murdering innocents. This was not about parental loss; it was about an angry young man who was sold a murder weapon, with no adult in sight questioning why he needed it. Many adults dropped the ball on this one, as the youth already had sent out signals as to his intent, and they were ignored.

It is about time for ‘common sense’ to take over. Let’s cease making decisions to get more votes to stay in office or put more money in the cash register; let’s start making decisions on how to protect our most valuable asset, our children!

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