08 April 2018 - Scholarship Opportunities are Out There.

It’s time for my annual sermon on this subject - The Availability of Scholarship Money for College Students. By now, I am sure, a lot of you parents with graduating high school seniors have ‘sticker shock’ from looking at the cost of a college education during the years for your young man or lady.

Let me tell you, there is money available. As I have said many times over the years, the scholarships will not come looking for you, more than likely; so you have to go looking for those available scholarships. The reason I am talking about scholarships this week. . . In my e-mail this past week I received a press release, and let me quote. . .

“UnitedAg, a member-owned agricultural trade association representing more than 800 organizations in California and Arizona, announced today that it has awarded a record $100,250 in scholarships to 86 students from its member-affiliated agricultural families statewide. Provided through UnitedAg’s Agribusiness Education Foundation (AEF), the 2018 awards raise the organization’s historical scholarship total to over $1.4 million since AEF was founded in 2000. To date, 805 agricultural family members have received UnitedAg’s assistance in achieving their educational goals and aspirations.”

This is just one organization out of several thousand that awards scholarships annually for various agricultural programs. Why do they do it? The chairman of the UnitedAg Board of Directors said. . . “The Agribusiness Education Foundation is incredibly important in ensuring that the agricultural industry, and our society as a whole, has a bright future.”

FFA does it. 4-H does it. A lot of local Agribusinesses do it. And individuals do it. My wife and I established a Foundation a decade ago that awards five scholarships annually to agricultural students at the University of Illinois.

Scholarships are out there! But as I said, those scholarships won’t come looking for you, you must be diligent in your search for those scholarship opportunities. There are many companies and individuals that want to help young students studying agriculture.

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