06 May 2018 - Have an Egg or Two or Three

I receive e-mails throughout the year suggesting we spend too much time on corn, wheat, soybeans, cattle , hogs and dairy cows, and ignore a lot of other commodities produced by farmers, ranchers and specialty crop growers. And I guess I am guilty of that, but in media we do have to spend more time on major crops because that is what attracts a larger audience.

But for some reason, I have recently been hearing from egg producers; one who recently said, ‘Orion, you have a month for dairy, for beef, for pork, so how about writing about National Egg Month, which is on right now?’ And she is right, May is National Egg Month proclaimed by the Iowa Egg Council.

Now when I think of Iowa, I think of corn, soybeans and pigs, but here is what I learned from their proclamation. Iowa is the No. 1 egg producing state in the nation with their farmers caring for 55-million laying hens producing 66-billion eggs a year. The Iowa Egg Industry contributes more than $2-billion in total sales, 8,800 jobs, more than
$502-million in labor income and nearly $23-million in general tax revenues. That is just one state, but every state has some egg production.

A couple of other items the Iowa Egg Council wants to share; per capita egg consumption continues to rise annually in the U.S. to 279 eggs in 2017, up from 275 in 2016. And listen to the nutrition side of the story. One large egg contains only 70 calories, 6 grams of protein and 13 vitamins and minerals. The hen packs a lot of good eating in that shell. So, don’t forget about good taste. I love my bacon and egg breakfast and sliced hard-boiled eggs on my potato salad.

So egg producers, with the help of the Iowa Egg Council, I hope I did a good job letting the World know that May is National Egg Month. You keep those hens laying eggs and I will keep eating them so we can raise per capita egg consumption to 300 annually!

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