27 May 2018 - Here are My Pleas to Congress

This week I am sending two requests to members of Congress, and realizing that requests I have sent them in the past have been totally ignored, I imagine these two will be ignored as well. But, let me speak my piece on the two issues.

Number one - Members of Congress, please stop attaching a bill with a lesser chance to pass, to bills that do have a chance to pass. Case in point - the Farm Bill.

The Farm Bill failed in May after Freedom Caucus members in the House withheld their support. They refused to vote for the Farm Bill because they had asked Republican leaders not to hold the vote until the Goodlatte/McCaul Immigration Bill could be considered. The leaders held the Farm Bill vote anyway and it was defeated.

A few days ago Congressman Steve Scalise said the Immigration Bill will be considered this month, before bringing the Farm Bill back for a vote on June 22nd, in hopes of getting the support of the Freedom Caucus. That is a group of 30 of the most conservative Republican lawmakers in the House.

Immigration rules are not really a part of the Farm Bill, but legislators held the Farm Bill hostage to get their way on a bill not related to agriculture policy and that killed the Farm Bill in the first vote. I am hopeful that the Freedom Caucus will be satisfied with the action on immigration and support the Farm Bill in the 2nd go-around on June 22nd.

Oh, my second request to members of Congress . . . How about less investigating and more legislating. I know, investigative hearings give you ‘face time’ on television across the country, but please, we spend millions of dollars in time and effort investigating issues and I don’t see anything happening as a result of those investigations. So please stop spending my tax dollars on investigations that produce no results.

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