06 July 2018 - Let’s Look Back at History

Many of you know of my love for history. It started in a one-room-eight-grade country school in Wisconsin more years ago than I care to admit. But I am fascinated by history, and during a very quiet Fourth of July week at my house, I decided to review some of the words that were written 242 years ago and formed the founding principles for the United States, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.

It is amazing how what they wrote then still has application today. In these times of disagreement, nasty rhetoric and everything else that goes into the world of politics, perhaps we should all check on what the Constitution says, especially people seeking public office, so they know the rules we live by in this country.

First of all, there is the Legislative Branch, members of the House and Senate, charged with writing the laws. Then, there is the Executive Branch, the President who can veto what Congress has written or approve it with his signature. Then comes the Judicial Branch, the courts all the way to the Supreme Court, to interpret the laws written by the Legislative Branch. Personally, over the past three decades I feel the Courts have written more laws than the Legislative Branch.

When I was discussing this with a friend, he said, “ there is one more area of lawmaking that we also have to take into consideration, Executive Orders issued by the President, that can also change a law."

Indeed, that has been used a great deal over the years as I discovered when I checked recent Presidents and how many times they issued Executive Orders during their term in office and here is the count...Bill Clinton - 364, George W. Bush - 291, Barack Obama - 276, and so far in his term, President Donald Trump has issued 77 Executive Orders. The all-time winner in the Executive Order count - Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was in office over 13 years - 3,728.

I think we need to spend more time studying and appreciating what our founding fathers wrote 242 years ago. Happy Birthday America!

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